Our academic project From the Idea of History Towards the National, The Cosmopolitan, and the Global: the Transcripts and Rehashes of the Slavonic-Bulgarian History and the Cultural Identification Models of 18th – 19th Century has the goal of accommodating the contemporary Bulgarian citizens – residents of the cosmopolitan and global 21st century – to the values of the Bulgarian Revival culture at a time when the formula FOR THE BENEFIT OF MY KIN was not a mere verbosity because it was an oath of allegiance to one's Kin and Fatherland!
Come to us, dear zealous reader, and we shall let you in THE KINGDOM OF PAISSIADE, where the people-stories (as we like to name the Bulgarian Revival copyists of Paissii's book), disclose the  sacraments of the craft of the copyist of hand-written books, at a time when there was no Internet, no memory sticks, no copy-paste, no memory sticks, yet there was a sharpened quill, ink, most often produced from soot, red dye whose magic of obtaining was known only by the calligrapher Schoolmaster. There, in those days of yore there were also spiritual lessons annunciating that the memory of one's own history is memory of the past in which the future has already sprouted!