The Faculty of |Languages and Literature of the Paissii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv is an important educational and research centre on a national scale. The mission of the Faculty is to win recognition as a meeting place of valuable national and regional cultural traditions, knowledge and memory, on the one hand, and as an open European humanitarian centre, meeting place of intercultural dialogue, crossways of languages, literatures and cultures.
      The Faculty maintains a balancing policy. The Bulgarian traditions in philology and the classical models of humanitarian education are sustained, yet keeping abreast of the times a vision of modern humanitarian studies is being implemented with the introduction of best modern practices of instruction, research process and partnerships with the international academic community, business and society at large.
     During the past 5 years in the conditions of an increased competition between the higher education institutions the Faculty has achieved by 100 percent its admission goals within the framework of its complete capacity of 3650 students trained in the profiles of Philology and Pedagogy of Language and Literature Education, in the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, with full time and part time attendance. There is instruction in 34 programmes in the Faculty with 15 languages studied in different combinations: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Modern Greek, Turkish, Chinese, and as from the present academic year also Korean and Hebrew. The Faculty applies innovative ideas in launching new programmes addressing the public needs. Linking philological training with the high technology is demonstrated by the unique programme for our country Linguistics and Information Technology, whereas the programmes Linguistics and Marketing and Linguistics and Business Administration have been launched as a result of the partnership with leading companies who have identified an available niche for experts of this type on the labour market. The faculty provides training for doctoral students in 15 doctoral programmes.
     The academic fora organized by the Faculty (ongoing, recurrent, associated with projects, on department level, on students level) attract local and international experts and become international for a particularly attractive for foreign scholars of Bulgarian and Slavonic Studies. Annually the Faculty organizes and hosts the Paissii Reading and the National Conference of Undergraduates, Graduates and Postgraduates.
    The faculty maintains bilateral relations with 36 universities, actively developing student and staff exchange, as well as partnership in different projects. 80 per cent of the professors and 40 percent of the undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates are involved in project work.