Gergana Ivanova

GERGANA TODOROVA IVANOVA was born in 1962 in Plovdiv. She finished the Ivan Vazov Russian Language School in 1980 and the same year was enrolled in  the Slavonic Studies programme (Serb-Croatian profile) of St. Kliment Okhridski University of Sofia which she graduated from with a master's thesis on the topic  ‘Expressing the Category of  Definiteness in Serb-Croatian in Comparison to Bulgarian' (1985).  Since 1995, with launch of the Serb-Croatian profile in the Slavonic Studies programme of the Paissii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv, winning a competition she started work as an assistant professor in this programme. Since the launch of the Balkan Studies programme in the Faculty of Languages and Literature of the University of Plovdiv, she has been a titled lecturer of Serbian language to the students of Balkan Studies. 
Her professional career, prior to her position at the University of Plovdiv includes working for book publishers and in the staff of periodicals where she has gained experience as editor and proof-reader. Subsequently she has applied her skills working in parallel with several publishers, as well as with the team of this project.