Media interest

The media interest in the activities of our academic team which has spent years working on the preservation of the spiritual messages of Father Paissii and his disciples,  dates back to 2012, the year of the Slavonic-Bulgarian History anniversary. It was then that TV crews of BULGARIA TODAY (BNT 2 – PLOVDIV) and BNR HORIZINT radio:
  • created the documentary on the Travelling Lecture Course IN THE STEPS OF FATHER PAISSII (22 – 27 October 2012);
  • covered the activities of the International Academic Conference 250 Years Slavonic-Bulgarian History (2 – 3 November 2012).
Both events were organized and conducted by the Faculty of Languages and Literature of the University of Plovdiv, with its dean Associate Professor Zhivko Ivanov, PhD, and Associate professor Mila Krasteva, PhD, professor of Bulgarian Revival Literature at the University. 
The media who know us, who love us and support us wished to work together in the present project as well. And this is how it happened: 



29 October 2013, 14:30 hrs
Rector's Office Building, University of Plovdiv
Bulgaria - Plovdiv

On 29 October 2014 Associate Professor Mila Krasteva, PhD, delivered a public lecture on the topic PAISSII OF HILENDAR, THE SLAVONIC-BULGARIAN HISTORY, ITS TRANSCRIPTS, REHASHES AND MARGINAL NOTES – PASS IT ON!. A media event was held preceding the lecture, organized by doctoral student Tencho Derekyuvliev. Our initiative was assisted and supported also by Associate Professor Zhivko Ivanov, PhD – Dean of the faculty of Languages and Literature of the University of Plovdiv, who during the past two years has dedicatedly and unostentatiously contributed to the activities of the teams with which Associate Professor Mila Krasteva, PhD, has worked on the projects titled  PAISSIADE – PASS IT ON! 
The members of the team took part in the media event, as well as Professor Zapryan Kozludzhov, PhD – Rector of the University of Plovdiv. 
The media event convener was doctoral student Tencho Derekyuvliev. The event was announced in advance at the electronic site: 
Before the media event the electronic and print media were sent a press release containing information on the subject and themes of the public lecture. Subsequently the text was published at the electronic site: 

The media event was covered by the team of DC TV in charge of journalist Emilia Terzieva. On 29 October  the news report was broadcast in the evening news bulletin of DC TV, starting at 18.45 hrs. On 4 November a detailed coverage of the media event was broadcast in the Morning Show with DC TV (Part 2); the video can be watched at the electronic site:

After the lecture Associate professor Mila Krasteva gave an interview to the radio reporter Kremena Danova which was broadcast in the morning show of BNR Horizont radio on 2 November 2013. The project has an archive recording of the interview.



31 October 2013 г., 16.00 hrs.
TV Show Bulgaria Today Bulgarian National Television 2 (BNT2)
Bulgaria - Plovdiv

Associate professor Mila Krasteva was invited by the producer of the show BULGARIA TODAY (BNT 2 ‒ PLOVDIV) Mrs. Dessislava Shishmanova, to talk about the public lecture delivered on 29 October 2013 at the University of Plovdiv and to bring together the theme of the project with the theme of the culture identification models:
  • of the young Bulgarians, occupants the 21st century, who chose to occupy lecture Hall 5 of the University of Plovdiv on 28 October 2013;
  • of the young Bulgarians, occupants of the 21st century, the students of Bulgaria who did not chose occupation as a road to salvation;
  • of the young Bulgarians, occupants of the 21st century, who receive their education abroad.
During the show which was broadcast live, Associate professor Krasteva compared the spiritual prosperity in the mission of Paissii and his times to the crisis of spirituality Today, when the Chaos in our human road destroys the mainstays of the national values. It was emphasized that exactly in this situation of spiritual crisis of the contemporary Bulgarian society the national ideals of Paissii and the Bulgarian revival Bulgarian citizens who identified the Bulgarian spirituality as High and Enduring must be proclaimed. 
The show can be watched here: