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Department for Scientific Research Fund

The Department for Scientific Research Fund (DSRF) of the Paissii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv is an independent unit providing services to the research activities of the university. 
The Department SRF materializes the connection and the implementation of the scientific achievements of the university with the economic practice, it provides services and administers the contractual national and international research programmes. 
The Department SRF operates on the principle of self-support, it provides a separate independent account for all contractual research and programmes, independence and self-dependence in the absorption of the funds, as well as complete conformity with the law in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation and the requirements of the separate contracts and programmes. The Department is under the direct supervision of the Vice-Rector of Science and International Cooperation. The operative activities of the Department are performed by its Director.
The research activities comprise various fields of natural and social sciences. Particularly active are the contributions in the following directions: 
  • Information Science and Information Technologies
  • Microbiology and biotechnologies 
  • Research of the utilization of the natural resources
  • Environmental protection
  • Optoelectronics and laser technology 
  • Synthesis of new organic and non-organic substances 
  • Radioactive research on soil, water and air 
  • Research of the biological diversity in Bulgaria with the goal of protecting the natural genetic fund and utilizing proper species in the biological control 
  • Physiology of the plants and molecular biology 
  • Problems of higher education 
  • Research of the language, literature and culture of the region, the country, the Slav and Western European nations
  • Research of personality 
  • Social, religious and ethnic identity
230 contracts are drafted annually in the Department SRF with funding provided for by the following sources:
  • International programmes 
  • Contracts signed with the National Science Fund 
  • Science Research Fund of the Paissii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv 
  • Applied contracts